The Happiest Music Teacher in the World!

What a delight to meet so many wonderful people at the at the Texas Music Educators Association Conference 2022 in San Antonio. It’s been almost a week since June and I met Jonathan Ochoa and we are still talking about him! He stopped over to say “hi” and inquire about Hyperscore. Before the conference was over, we’d sat down with him three times to answer questions, write down all of his great ideas and get him set up to start using Hyperscore with an after-school club this week. Not surprising that he wanted to practice using it with students before introducing it in his music room.

Jonathan’s reaction so reminded me of myself piloting the original Hyperscore around 2007. I knew instantly it was what I had needed in my classroom to allow my students to become composers. Before our last moments together, Jonathan agreed we could quote his exclamation, “This is the missing link for composition–for ALL MUSIC!”

June and I agreed Jonathan was so fun and enthusiastic! We expect that the San Angelo Independent School District, and all of his students, also know what a gem he is!

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