Texas Music Educators Association Conference 2022–the Debut of our Web-based Version!

I am at Day 2 of the TMEA with Executive Director June Kinoshita. Undoubtedly, we are having a blast introducing Hyperscore to piano teachers, band directors, music educators and a very excited 5 year-old! We are also meeting people who remember it from the early days when it was first created. They are thrilled to see it back again as a web-based product! One fan said it is the only graphic interface that he’s found that can adapt to his microtonal composition interests. It is a pleasure to share the creative work of Mary Farbood, Egon Pasztor, Kevin Jennings and Tod Machover from the program itself to Tod’s City Symphonies. Wish us luck as we move into the 21st Century!

Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush with Executive Director, June Kinoshita

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