Young students in a classroom gather around a laptop with a Hyperscore education account on the screen

Hyperscore Education Accounts

We’re pleased to introduce Hyperscore for Educators and Organizations. An education or organizational license for Hyperscore gives you the ability to create Groups or classes using Hyperscore cloud accounts. Educators and students get access to the full range of Hyperscore features, regardless of their personal subscription plans. Hyperscore for Educators is available for purchase through […]

back to school image of books and an apple

Celebrating Teachers

Every teacher returning to the classroom deserves thanks and recognition for the work they do to foster student joy for learning! New Harmony Line wishes you a wonderful 2022-2023 school year.

Shows how to select the Rainbow Tubes setting for Hyperscore

Play the Rainbow!

New Harmony Line is introducing a new feature in their Settings: rainbow colors! Compose on the colored lines then play the rainbow instruments.

logo for Harris County Publish Library in Houston, Texas

Win for the Week for Student Composers!

Cecilia Roudabush, Director of Education F2F Foundation Music Summer Camp Win for the week? Yes! New Harmony Line successfully completed our first youth cross-country camp Hyperscore lesson with Vel Lewis’s F2F (Faith to Form) Foundation in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, July 20th, 2022. CTO Peter and I were able to Zoom with Vel and the […]


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