How to engineer a song

We discuss musical mathematics, modularity, computation, and Ada Lovelace in our September Second Saturdays workshop.

Hyperscore Challenge Prompts

Excited about the Hyperscore Challenge? We are, too! Here are the prompts to get you composing. Prompts are short, silent video clips that need your music. Choose a prompt and create a Hyperscore soundtrack to accompany the video clip. Starting in November 2023, we’ll release new prompts each week. Be sure to create pieces in…

Meet the “wildlife DJ”

Ben records wild birds and beasts to create music that he hopes will move the public to become better stewards of Nature.

Music, meaning-making, and machines

In a new interview, Hyperscore inventor & New Harmony Line Board Chair Tod Machover discusses the history and potential futures of AI in music.


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Empower kids to tell their stories through music.

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