DIY Workshop

If you want to try out Hyperscore to teach music composition but are not ready or able to commit, this article is for you.

Bach BOT

Pieces of music aren’t just pieces of sound – they exist because some human being thought something was important to communicate and express.

Exercising creativity

“Creativity is the skill of the future.” Composing music is a fantastic way to exercise our creative muscles.

Viva Vivaldi!

Have a joyful and musical New Year. We celebrate the universal spirit of music by sharing this exuberant rendition of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Composing for video games

Composing music can be a pure pleasure for its own sake, but to motivate a classroom of learners (not to mention oneself), it is hugely helpful to set a goal. And what could be more fun than making music for something kids already love: video games! Composing using Hyperscore’s easy, game-like interface makes it a…

Taking a line (of music) for a walk

by June Kinoshita The artist Paul Klee famously said that the art of drawing was like “taking a line for a walk.” What if you could take a line of music for a walk? That’s just what it felt like when we held our first-ever composing workshop over Zoom. We were not at all sure…

Accelerated learning for music

by June Kinoshita, Executive Director, New Harmony Line “Next time you hear the phrase learning loss, think about whether we really want to define our students by their deficits instead of their potential.” – Ron Berger, “Our Kids Are Not Broken,” The Atlantic As schools navigate the post-lockdown world, educators are turning to “accelerated learning” as a method…

Learning from the kids

We recently participated in the CreatedBy Festival to celebrate STEAM week at the Boston Children’s Museum. It was an honor to be among the 30 or so organizations chosen to take part. It was quite the learning experience. We were given a tabletop on a third floor corridor where we vied for the attention of…


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