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Group 1 Beta testing nearly complete!

New Harmony Line would like to thank our Beta pilot teachers at Northwest (Mrs. Garringer), North Central (Mr. Wagner), and Southeast Junior High (Mr. Debes) in the Iowa City Schools and Allen Elementary (Mr. Cushenbery) in Kansas. They were the first to complete the Beta testing of Hyperscore. We also want to acknowledge the many students who learned to make music in a new way and said “thank you” and “you’re welcome” when we expressed our appreciation for their help, comments and suggestions!

We have 224 students in Group 1. Sycamore Canyon and Kirkwood Elementaries in California and Iowa are still creating music. Group 2 began last week with schools in Iowa, Massachusetts, Canada and Germany preparing to take the Interest Survey. The word “cool” is the most common positive found in the Interest and Exit Surveys–that’s music to our ears!

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Sycamore Canyon Composing on iPads

Twelve 4th graders from California’s Sycamore Canyon sound like they’re enjoying composing with Hyperscore on iPads. The teacher reports that she frequently hears the words “That’s so cool” in class! Students have also been eager to share tips with each other. Students find it easiest to save on an iPad is using the “safe” icon at the bottom of the screen. iPads also will make recordings. When the Cloud platform is activated, saving will be the easiest part of Hyperscore. Thanks to Sycamore Canyon for being Beta testers!

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Composing in Lucerne

In 2015, Tod Machover and the M.I.T. Media Lab Opera of the Future team went to Lucerne, Switzerland, to develop a symphonic portrait of the historic city. “A Symphony for Lucerne” was premiered by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in September, 2015. In this video, Machover is coaching students at a school who are composing original pieces using Hyperscore. The students worked collaboratively with each other and created a variety of wonderful pieces that expressed their energy, feelings about their city, and sense of humor.

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Kirkwood 3rd and 4th Grades Have Fun and Problem-Solve

I would like to welcome our 3rd and 4th grade Beta testers from Kirkwood Elementary in Iowa! Currently, the students are writing Hyperscore music with an average of 93% of the 55 students completely engaged and enjoying the opportunity daily! Unfortunately, gamers need to beware a teacher that keeps her eye on your work ethic!! The music teacher reported that one of the students was frustrated by an issue. Thankfully, she returned to work with a smile once the teacher helped her problem-solve. Now, their daily average is up to 95%! The 3rd grade online music class chose to work muted with their screens off (not a surprise to online teachers!). However, they asked questions in the chat and more students wanted to share their work with the class than time allowed for. That’s a SUPER indicator of interest–thanks Online Academy and Kirkwood!

Problem-Solving Hint from Kirkwood: not seeing the play button on the Rhythm Sketch Window when you are ready to listen?

Where is the play button?

Click on the Window you want to see and then click on the “View Window” tool!

Now you see the WHOLE window (below)!

Celebrate this hint and happy problem-solving Kirkwood Beta testers!

Do you see the play button now? Thanks View Window Tool…

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Director of Education:

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Get ready…set…WRITE MUSIC!

Want to learn how to present Hyperscore to your students? We’ve done all the work for you! I have posted the video trainings on YouTube First, I present each Element of Music. At the end of each video, the students/clients learn how Hyperscore allows them to use the Elements. They will write a Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony, choose Dynamics and Tone Color and create Form. In other words, WRITE MUSIC!

You can use your own favorite way to present the Elements, or email me for a copy of the modules. All modules were designed for junior high or high-school non-musicians, but, you can personalize the videos for the age and abilities of your students/clients. You can also change the definitions to fit your facility or school’s user-friendly music vocabulary. Contact me with any questions or to get your free copy of the modules:

Our July 23, 2021 training edited for time and split into sections