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Video of early Hyperscore!

What a delightful surprise this week to receive an email from Chief Technology Officer Peter Torpey that included a video of Morwaread “Mary” Farbood and Egon Pasztor in the 2000s demonstrating an early version of Hyperscore! Both Farbood and Pasztor were students in the Opera of the Future Group in the M.I.T. Media Lab when they designed and implemented Hyperscore. If you are interested in reading their Master’s Theses on the creation of Hyperscore, use this link or go to the Resources page on this website. Enjoy!

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Composing in Lucerne

In 2015, Tod Machover and the M.I.T. Media Lab Opera of the Future team went to Lucerne, Switzerland, to develop a symphonic portrait of the historic city. “A Symphony for Lucerne” was premiered by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in September, 2015. In this video, Machover is coaching students at a school who are composing original pieces using Hyperscore. The students worked collaboratively with each other and created a variety of wonderful pieces that expressed their energy, feelings about their city, and sense of humor.

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A Hyperscore compendium

Hyperscore has been used by children around the world to compose original pieces. Their compositions have been performed by musicians, from rock bands to major orchestras. Check out this collection of some of our “greatest hits,” each one a wonderful expression of each child’s spirit. We can’t wait to release the new version of Hyperscore for the Web!