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If you want to try out Hyperscore to teach music composition but are not ready or able to commit, this article is for you.

If you’re interested in trying out Hyperscore to teach music composition but are not ready or able to fully commit, this article is for you. This is for the retired educator who wants to help out his daughter who is homeschooling her kids. This is for the teacher who doesn’t have it in her budget this year but is eager to find a way to engage the kids in her classroom now. This is for the nonprofit foundation that wants to run a music camp next summer. This is for the after school club seeking an exciting project….

Step one. Decide if everyone will gather around a single computer or if everyone will have their own device.

Step two. Each device / individual should sign up for the Free Trial version of Hyperscore.

Step three. Decide on the type of composing activity you want to lead. Most can be done as collaborative or individual activities. Check out our blog for ideas.

Pro tip 1: The free trial version of Hyperscore cannot save more than five compositions in the cloud, so remind participants to download and save their compositions locally on their device.

Pro tip 2: Let the participants lead the way. Your role is to encourage exploration and discussion. There’s no right or wrong way. Be the guide on their side, not the sage on the stage.

If you are using Hyperscore successfully and wish to continue, we recommend a basic, premium, or supreme subscription. These are affordable options for small groups and will allow you to:

  • Create up to 5 user profiles
  • Save more scores (compositions)
  • Use more melody and sketch windows
  • Unlock different instrument sets
  • Unlock more themes
  • Export audio and MIDI output

If you would like to use Hyperscore in larger classrooms and manage your students’ work, we recommend that you license the classroom version through MusicFirst or by contacting us.

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