Hyperscore through the years

Hyperscore has a rich history of inspiring minds and changing lives – explore it for yourself on our new, continuously updated History of Hyperscore page.

Hyperscore is experiencing a renaissance in its lifetime through the recent release of the web-based Hyperscore 5. However, Hyperscore is by no means new on the scene. It has a storied history of sparking the musical imaginations of people around the world. The proven success of Hyperscore is indeed what gives us our drive at New Harmony Line to make the software available and accessible to all.

What’s the story?

Hyperscore has been making waves in the musical and educational worlds for over twenty years. From its imaginative beginnings in 2000 at the MIT Media Lab, Hyperscore has spanned the globe and inspired countless teachers, students and composers. Diverse groups of collaborators have used Hyperscore to compose 7 symphonies (and counting!) performed by prominent orchestras across the world. In equal measure though in many different ways, children, adults and elders have found expressive, therapeutic, and connective meaning through composing in Hyperscore. Today, New Harmony Line is reinvigorating the revolutionary power of Hyperscore by bringing it to new audiences and classrooms everywhere.

The years laid out

History matters – and keeping an accessible record of Hyperscore’s history of positively impacting lives matters deeply to us. To this end, we have published a History of Hyperscore timeline on our site which spans 2000 to present. Now anyone can take a dive into the archive and explore what has made Hyperscore compelling for over two decades. What’s more, this is a living record, and we will continue to update the page as exciting new developments for Hyperscore continue to take place. There is certainly much on the horizon, and we look to Hyperscore’s history of opening possibilities to inspire every step we take.

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