Resources for Educators

Getting children to compose music has always been difficult. This is primarily due to the inherent challenge of acquiring sufficient instrumental skill or understanding of notation. With Hyperscore, children can bypass these challenges, expressing their innate musicianship literally in minutes, regardless of their levels of prior music experience.

During the 2021-2022 school year, we are piloting Hyperscore for the Web with a volunteer group of educators. If you are teaching music and composition to children or adults of any abilities and are interested in using Hyperscore in your teaching, contact us

As a member of our pilot community you will:

  • receive free access to the beta version of Hyperscore for the Web
  • receive free access to our teaching modules
  • participate in one-on-one and group live Q&A sessions

Composing in Lucerne

In 2015, Tod Machover and the M.I.T. Media Lab Opera of the Future team went to Lucerne, Switzerland, to develop a symphonic portrait of the historic city. “A Symphony for Lucerne” was premiered by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in September, 2015. In this video, Machover is coaching students at a school who are composing original […]

Composer Stacy Garrop on teaching with Hyperscore

Composer Stacy Garrop was invited by the Ying Quartet’s David Ying to lead a series of Hyperscore composing workshops for the 2011 Skaneateles Festival. The resulting works were performed by string quartets at the Festival. In an interview with us, Garrop shared some of her lessons learned from mentoring non-musicians to compose music using our […]

Hyperscore is built with educators in mind

  • Hyperscore facilitates an advanced conversation between the teacher and student about complex compositional concepts, months or years before they would normally be able to conceptualize these issues.
  • Hyperscore enables teachers to act as guides and mentors for children as they engage in the process of discovery. Even teachers who are not experts in composing will quickly find they can play a valuable role in helping students discover compositional processes and techniques.
  • Children studying various musical styles and techniques can easily put into practice ideas and concepts from other parts of the curriculum in a composing context. Music composed in Hyperscore can form the basis for small or large group performances.