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MusicFirst Launches Hyperscore on the Web: 5/2/22 Webinar

New Harmony Line is proud to present the online webinar hosted by MusicFirst’s Founder and Director, Dr. Jim Frankel and Rachel Nicastro, Director of Marketing. Our panel included M.I.T. “Opera of the Future” Professor Tod Machover, New Harmony Line Executive Director June Kinoshita, Chief Technology Officer Peter Torpey and Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush. Very special guests included Dr. Kevin Jennings and Anne Dugan. Ms. Dugan spoke briefly about her role as Director of Community Partnership for the Sister Cities GirlChoir then eloquently spoke about the power of composition for the girls in their amazing organization. Dr. Jennings Zoomed in from Ireland at 12 midnight to share information about his passion for, and contributions to, the pedagogy of Hyperscore as well as his love of composition.

Do you have a moment to fall in love with Hyperscore if you’re not already there? Please join us in celebrating HYPERSCORE ON THE WEB!!!

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