Increased Social/Emotional Wellbeing with Hyperscore?

One of our Beta pilot teachers felt unsure about having her elementary music classes use Hyperscore to become student composers after having spent so much time using Zoom and the computers for class the past 2 years. Understandable for sure! Fortunately, New Harmony Line wanted to do a preliminary study on the social and emotional benefits of composing so we decided to try a mini-study with this teacher and 2 of her primary sections.

I met with the class five times. We started each session with a movement activity, a short lesson and then composition time on individual devices. Students composed rhythms, melodies and a basic harmony with two lines of texture. We collected data at the beginning of the study, every day after composing and at the conclusion of the study. A graduate-equivalency student and a professor agreed to take on the task of analyzing the data which we expect to have this May.

The observational data was outstanding. Students exclaiming, “I made this” and “That was cool–who did that?” and “Hey, everybody, try pushing this button” made my heart sing. My favorite comment of all was the student who assured me he’d figured out “the physics behind this thing”!! Of course, there were students who were frustrated by an uncharged device, trouble logging in or anxiety about trying something new but for the most part the teacher and I saw a lot of joy and creativity. I am long-term subbing K-6 music until the end of the school year June 1st. Guess what we are going to be doing?!!!

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