One Grade Level to Go!

When we say that “anyone with a device and the web can compose using Hyperscore”, we want to mean it. With my current long-term job subbing K-6 music until the end of the school year, I am testing those waters daily! I have tied up the loose ends of the teacher (on leave to have her first child) and transitioned every grade level but one to Hyperscore.

I am following the requirements for the National Core Arts Standards since a team and I will be writing that curriculum this summer. 5th and 6th graders are using every note value grouping, writing harmony and creating form. My 4th graders are preparing this week for harmony and have really enjoyed choosing tone color and the rhythm sketch window! 3rd graders were learning recorders so we start writing B A G songs today.

My most amazing moment was getting 1st and 2nd graders logged in to Hyperscore. Seriously, when you make the first student who successfully logs in into the program an IT consultant, suddenly everyone is helping everyone else and you’re there!! We are using Hyperscore to write quarter, eighth and quarter rest patterns in the rhythm sketch window. 2nd graders will add a half note. I will do 3 days with Kindergarten next week writing steady beat and alternating steady beat. I sure hope Peter can make a QR code for me to get them logged in or it might take all week. Wish me luck!!

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