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Hyperscore Education Accounts

We’re pleased to introduce Hyperscore for Educators and Organizations. An education or organizational license for Hyperscore gives you the ability to create Groups or classes using Hyperscore cloud accounts. Educators and students get access to the full range of Hyperscore features, regardless of their personal subscription plans.

Hyperscore for Educators is available for purchase through our partners at MusicFirst. If you don’t have a MusicFirst account, you may also purchase an educational license directly through us.

Schools and Organizations

When purchasing a Hyperscore Education account, one individual acts as the Organization Administrator. This can be a single teacher wanting to use Hyperscore in their own classroom, or a purchasing agent for an entire school or school district. This account has access to all of the features of a Hyperscore Educator, as well as the ability to invite other educators to be a part of the organization. The purchased license has a certain number of seats associated with the organization that represent the total number of students and educators in groups that can be added to the license.

Hyperscore organization and education accounts allow an administrator to invite other educators to create groups and classrooms.

Educators and Groups

Educators invited to a Hyperscore Education account license can create and administer groups. A group is a collection of scores and composers that could represent a class, ensemble, club, or event. Educators invite student composers to a group, which gives them access to the full range of Hyperscore features. Teachers can share scores as assignments with a group, and students can create and submit assignments through a group. Groups simplify the process of sharing Hyperscore projects among individuals. Students can choose to share their work only with the teacher or with the entire group. It’s also a great way for composers to collaborate, by listening to and remixing each other’s work.

Hyperscore Educator accounts can create groups and invite composers to collaborate and learn.

What’s next for educators?

New Harmony Line’s mission is to bring the joy and benefits of music composition to every student. We believe that Hyperscore can change how you teach music, composition, and how students discover their creative voice.

Soon, Hyperscore will be joining the MusicFirst Classroom learning management system, which, like Hyperscore for Educators, will give teachers the ability to grant students access to Hyperscore and assign and review student work.

Check out our ever-growing Resources for Educators library of lesson plans, tips, and examples. Also, be sure to join our community of Hyperscore educators on Facebook and attend our monthly Office Hours, where we all can share our ideas and experiences using Hyperscore in the classroom, as well as hear from the creators, featured speakers, ask questions, and provide feedback directly to the New Harmony Line team.

News Product Updates

MusicFirst Launches Hyperscore on the Web: 5/2/22 Webinar

New Harmony Line is proud to present the online webinar hosted by MusicFirst’s Founder and Director, Dr. Jim Frankel and Rachel Nicastro, Director of Marketing. Our panel included M.I.T. “Opera of the Future” Professor Tod Machover, New Harmony Line Executive Director June Kinoshita, Chief Technology Officer Peter Torpey and Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush. Very special guests included Dr. Kevin Jennings and Anne Dugan. Ms. Dugan spoke briefly about her role as Director of Community Partnership for the Sister Cities GirlChoir then eloquently spoke about the power of composition for the girls in their amazing organization. Dr. Jennings Zoomed in from Ireland at 12 midnight to share information about his passion for, and contributions to, the pedagogy of Hyperscore as well as his love of composition.

Do you have a moment to fall in love with Hyperscore if you’re not already there? Please join us in celebrating HYPERSCORE ON THE WEB!!!

News Product Updates

Hyperscore for the Web Goes Live NEXT WEEK!

New Harmony Line is pleased to announce that teachers and student composers around the world will have the opportunity to use Hyperscore for the Web starting with our release next week through! Dr. Jim Frankel, Head of Digital Education for Wise Music and Director of MusicFirst, will be hosting a webinar to introduce Hyperscore on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7 pm ET. Register here.

Webinar guests will include three of the staff members of New Harmony Line, Executive Director June Kinoshita, Chief Technology Officer Peter Torpey, and myself, Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush. Our very special guests will be MIT Media Lab “Opera of the Future” Professor and Composer, Tod Machover, and Dr. Kevin Jennings, who did his doctoral thesis in music pedagogy on Hyperscore and was a contributor to the creative team of Morwaread Farbood and Egon Pasztor who designed the original Hyperscore in the MIT Media Lab under the direction of Professor Machover.

Educators will be offered the opportunity to register for a free trial of Hyperscore through To aid in immediate use of the product, Quick Tool Tips and teaching modules will be provided. I will be writing curriculum throughout the summer to meet National Core Arts Standards along with members of our Beta Pilot teacher team.

Congratulations to June and Peter for their perseverance and passion for Hyperscore as they sought to develop and market a product that allows anyone of any age with access to the internet to be able to express themselves through composing music. Congratulations to all of you who give yourself the gift of composing with Hyperscore!

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Thank you to Kickstarter for giving New Harmony Line this designation “which is our way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity”! For more information on the Kickstarter Campaign that Executive Director June Kinoshita launched October 18th, visit:

New Harmony Line is a #ProjectWeLove

News Product Updates

Gearing up for Beta Model Pilot!

Hyperscore is BACK! As of today, we have teachers and music makers in Massachusetts, Iowa, Texas, Canada and Italy preparing for the Beta Model Pilot starting in August and into the spring of 2022. Are you interested in receiving the 7/23 videotaped training or attending a Zoom workshop for training? Would you like to receive the modules created to introduce your end-user to Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Dynamics and Form and Tone Color through Hyperscore? Contact Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush, for more information:

I look forward to helping you to make music for yourself and/or with others!

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We have exciting updates about the future of New Harmony Line and Hyperscore. Until now, Hyperscore has been compatible only with the Windows operating system. Over the past year, we have been hard at work developing a platform-independent web-based application. Our new version of Hyperscore is on its way and we can’t wait to share it with you soon.

This summer, we will be holding training sessions for teachers who would like to learn about using Hyperscore for the Web in their classrooms. If you are interested in signing up, please contact us.

If you would like to support our mission to put this powerful music composition technology into the hands of school kids, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Hyperscore for the Web will also be available to the general public, with sales revenue going to support our educational mission.

We are grateful for the enduring engagement from educators, youth groups, orchestras, and universities, and cannot wait to bring more people together. We are excited to expand our community of people who enjoy composing, want to share their creations, and connect over a love of music.

Thank you for joining us.

– June Kinoshita, Executive Director

Product Updates

Hyperscore download issue has been fixed

We have fixed the download issue. You should now be able to purchase Hyperscore V4.5. Please note that there may be compatibility issues with Windows 10. If you would like to run Hyperscore on Windows 10, please contact Support to request a demo copy so you can test it before purchasing.

Product Updates

We apologize for interrupted service

We are experiencing technical issues with the Hyperscore download site. Please bear with us while we address the problem. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.

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