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A Man of Many Talents

In the video posted above, Peter wrote Hyperscore motifs for members of the early Harmony Line staff and paired them, using Perl, with the Avatar images drawn by Facemelter. The first image is M.I.T. student designer Mary Farbood, followed by Bhob Rainey, Facemelter, Richard Resnick, Garry Griffin, Sunny Chang and Henry Kaufman (who all had adorable Avatar names that shall remain unpublished unless I’m given permission to blog them here!). Peter calls this work “a combination of visual art and music in that the music was inspired both by the people and their avatar personae, which were inspired from the people as well”.

Early interests in Music Technology

Peter Torpey, New Harmony Line’s Chief Technology Officer, has been involved with Hyperscore since WAY BACK. Peter grew up interested in choir, the violin and a recorder group. In the mid 90’s, he dabbled with composition, looking especially for a technology program to compose with. In 2003, Peter met some of the students who were working on Hyperscore at a conference. He became a dedicated user of H-Lounge (an online Hyperscore Community) and was well-known to Harmony Line due to the “…over 100 bug reports I submitted”. Not surprisingly, he was invited to do Beta testing for Harmony Line from 2006-2007. He “liked the way Hyperscore thought about the process of composition” and how it used the rules of western harmony.

Media Experience Artist

Tod Machover, Professor of Music and Media, met Peter in 2007 and encouraged him to apply for Machover’s Opera of the Future Group through the M.I.T. Media Lab. Peter received his Doctorate from M.I.T. and now works as an “independent contractor providing services that span the possibilities of integrating technologies into live performance and artistic experience”.  PLEASE check out his amazing work using this link:

Web-based Hyperscore 5

In his spare time over the last 10 years, Peter has been re-writing Hyperscore to be web-based. His goal is to create a stable web platform that evolves and won’t become obsolete as code changes. Starting in December of 2021, he began working on the back end of the web-based version with the future vendor and most looks forward to changing the instrument sets as he sorts through various sound sources. June Kinoshita, Executive Director, and I are constantly amazed at the vision and resources Peter provides for a product we all love. Thank you for sharing your time and talents, C.T.O. Torpey!

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Kickstarter Campaign Success!

What an incredible adventure Kickstarter gave the New Harmony Line team and board these past few weeks! First, we were chosen as a #ProjectWeLoveKickstarter for the program’s “brilliant creativity”. We received daily emails on our goal progress, a big motivator. Finally, to read the email announcing that we had met AND exceeded our goal was the ultimate thrill! Thank you to our backers, those who shared the project with friends and family and those who took the time to watch the videos or check out our sites. We hope we’ll be making music with YOU!!

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Then and now: a Hyperscore Story

Blogging and posting can be a lonely past time if you think your words are just flying into the wind. However, this week I got a shout out from someone!! Amazingly, he is a music teacher NOW, but got to use Hyperscore when he was in 6th grade. He’d written 51 pieces and independently uploaded them to the old H-Lounge website for Hyperscore composers.

After recently seeing a post for Hyperscore on Facebook, he wrote a comment hoping to find a way to retrieve those pieces since H-Lounge doesn’t function anymore. Who ‘ya gonna call when you need help with Hyperscore? PETER TORPEY!! Yes, our Chief Technology Officer Peter was able to retrieve the teacher’s work to share with his General Music students. Of course, I’m recruiting him to Beta test with his General Music and Band students! I piqued some interest when I reminded him that a Hyperscore composition can be exported into notation–he had not realized that in the old version! Wouldn’t a nice composition, written, notated and played by his students be awesome for his spring concert? New Harmony Line thinks so!!!!

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Thank you to Kickstarter for giving New Harmony Line this designation “which is our way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity”! For more information on the Kickstarter Campaign that Executive Director June Kinoshita launched October 18th, visit:

New Harmony Line is a #ProjectWeLove

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Help us kickstart Hyperscore

Two years ago, Tod Machover and June Kinoshita founded New Harmony Line to resurrect Hyperscore, the software which hundreds of school children have used to compose original music that has been woven into Tod’s Toy Symphony and City Symphony pieces and performed around the world. Hyperscore enables anyone to express themselves through original compositions without demanding years of musical training. It’s super fun to use, and more importantly, it helps young people “find their voice” and deepen their appreciation of musical culture—a lifelong gift.

We’re incredibly lucky to have Peter Torpey, Tod’s former PhD student at the Media Lab, join as CTO of New Harmony Line. Peter has redeveloped Hyperscore as a web application. This was a tour de force, and we now have a beta version that is being tested this fall in 24 classrooms across the U.S. and Europe. Our next step is to develop the back-end software so that we can release Hyperscore in the spring of 2022 to the educational market.

To help us fund this critical step, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign. We would love it so much if you would consider supporting it. Your financial backing would be amazing, but just as important is your help in sharing the campaign with your network. Our success depends critically on word of mouth, especially at the start of the campaign. We’d deeply appreciate your help in letting your friends and connections know about it. Encourage them to view the page and share it in turn to anyone they think might be excited by Hyperscore.

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Get ready…set…WRITE MUSIC!

Want to learn how to present Hyperscore to your students? We’ve done all the work for you! I have posted the video trainings on YouTube First, I present each Element of Music. At the end of each video, the students/clients learn how Hyperscore allows them to use the Elements. They will write a Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony, choose Dynamics and Tone Color and create Form. In other words, WRITE MUSIC!

You can use your own favorite way to present the Elements, or email me for a copy of the modules. All modules were designed for junior high or high-school non-musicians, but, you can personalize the videos for the age and abilities of your students/clients. You can also change the definitions to fit your facility or school’s user-friendly music vocabulary. Contact me with any questions or to get your free copy of the modules:

Our July 23, 2021 training edited for time and split into sections
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Phase 1 Begins!

Have you been wondering if Hyperscore is still out there, waiting to allow your students or clients to easily compose music? Elementary and junior high students in Iowa and Kansas will be the first of our Beta testers to begin instruction with the NEW WEB-BASED VERSION of Hyperscore in early September 2021. I am excited to hear what the students think of the program’s tools and what creativity is unleashed! We hope to post student examples and teacher comments as the phases progress. If you are interested in piloting, please contact me (Director of Education) at I have a recorded video of the 7.23.21 training and 4 teaching modules that you can personalize or use as is. Let’s make music together!

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Gearing up for Beta Model Pilot!

Hyperscore is BACK! As of today, we have teachers and music makers in Massachusetts, Iowa, Texas, Canada and Italy preparing for the Beta Model Pilot starting in August and into the spring of 2022. Are you interested in receiving the 7/23 videotaped training or attending a Zoom workshop for training? Would you like to receive the modules created to introduce your end-user to Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Dynamics and Form and Tone Color through Hyperscore? Contact Director of Education, Cecilia Roudabush, for more information:

I look forward to helping you to make music for yourself and/or with others!

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We have exciting updates about the future of New Harmony Line and Hyperscore. Until now, Hyperscore has been compatible only with the Windows operating system. Over the past year, we have been hard at work developing a platform-independent web-based application. Our new version of Hyperscore is on its way and we can’t wait to share it with you soon.

This summer, we will be holding training sessions for teachers who would like to learn about using Hyperscore for the Web in their classrooms. If you are interested in signing up, please contact us.

If you would like to support our mission to put this powerful music composition technology into the hands of school kids, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Hyperscore for the Web will also be available to the general public, with sales revenue going to support our educational mission.

We are grateful for the enduring engagement from educators, youth groups, orchestras, and universities, and cannot wait to bring more people together. We are excited to expand our community of people who enjoy composing, want to share their creations, and connect over a love of music.

Thank you for joining us.

– June Kinoshita, Executive Director

Product Updates

Hyperscore download issue has been fixed

We have fixed the download issue. You should now be able to purchase Hyperscore V4.5. Please note that there may be compatibility issues with Windows 10. If you would like to run Hyperscore on Windows 10, please contact Support to request a demo copy so you can test it before purchasing.