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Hyperscore Education Accounts

We’re pleased to introduce Hyperscore for Educators and Organizations. An education or organizational license for Hyperscore gives you the ability to create Groups or classes using Hyperscore cloud accounts. Educators and students get access to the full range of Hyperscore features, regardless of their personal subscription plans.

Hyperscore for Educators is available for purchase through our partners at MusicFirst. If you don’t have a MusicFirst account, you may also purchase an educational license directly through us.

Schools and Organizations

When purchasing a Hyperscore Education account, one individual acts as the Organization Administrator. This can be a single teacher wanting to use Hyperscore in their own classroom, or a purchasing agent for an entire school or school district. This account has access to all of the features of a Hyperscore Educator, as well as the ability to invite other educators to be a part of the organization. The purchased license has a certain number of seats associated with the organization that represent the total number of students and educators in groups that can be added to the license.

Hyperscore organization and education accounts allow an administrator to invite other educators to create groups and classrooms.

Educators and Groups

Educators invited to a Hyperscore Education account license can create and administer groups. A group is a collection of scores and composers that could represent a class, ensemble, club, or event. Educators invite student composers to a group, which gives them access to the full range of Hyperscore features. Teachers can share scores as assignments with a group, and students can create and submit assignments through a group. Groups simplify the process of sharing Hyperscore projects among individuals. Students can choose to share their work only with the teacher or with the entire group. It’s also a great way for composers to collaborate, by listening to and remixing each other’s work.

Hyperscore Educator accounts can create groups and invite composers to collaborate and learn.

What’s next for educators?

New Harmony Line’s mission is to bring the joy and benefits of music composition to every student. We believe that Hyperscore can change how you teach music, composition, and how students discover their creative voice.

Soon, Hyperscore will be joining the MusicFirst Classroom learning management system, which, like Hyperscore for Educators, will give teachers the ability to grant students access to Hyperscore and assign and review student work.

Check out our ever-growing Resources for Educators library of lesson plans, tips, and examples. Also, be sure to join our community of Hyperscore educators on Facebook and attend our monthly Office Hours, where we all can share our ideas and experiences using Hyperscore in the classroom, as well as hear from the creators, featured speakers, ask questions, and provide feedback directly to the New Harmony Line team.

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