Then and now: a Hyperscore Story

You don’t worry about typing into the wind, if the wind answers back!

Blogging and posting can be a lonely past time if you think your words are just flying into the wind. However, this week I got a shout out from someone!! Amazingly, he is a music teacher NOW, but got to use Hyperscore when he was in 6th grade. He’d written 51 pieces and independently uploaded them to the old H-Lounge website for Hyperscore composers.

After recently seeing a post for Hyperscore on Facebook, he wrote a comment hoping to find a way to retrieve those pieces since H-Lounge doesn’t function anymore. Who ‘ya gonna call when you need help with Hyperscore? PETER TORPEY!! Yes, our Chief Technology Officer Peter was able to retrieve the teacher’s work to share with his General Music students. Of course, I’m recruiting him to Beta test with his General Music and Band students! I piqued some interest when I reminded him that a Hyperscore composition can be exported into notation–he had not realized that in the old version! Wouldn’t a nice composition, written, notated and played by his students be awesome for his spring concert? New Harmony Line thinks so!!!!

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