Thanks for the inspiration, Randalette!

Can a 12 year-old arrange motifs into a cool, foot-tappin’ song? You betcha!

New Harmony Line has 5 days left in its $10,000 Hyperscore Kickstarter Campaign. Check out #ProjectsWeLove! Of course, I love Hyperscore so much I want everyone to have the opportunity to use it after teaching thousands of students to compose with it. In the mid 2000’s, my 12 year-old 7th grade Music Tech student at North Central arranged this piece using Hyperscore. She used the motifs in the Library and combined them in such a sophisticated way. If you’re out there Randalette, I want you to know that you’ve inspired many students to start making music! If you find us, I’d love to feature your WHOLE piece on our website and YouTube! Contact me at

Untitled 1 by Randalette; fun, sophisticated, inspired many students throughout the years to get their hands on the Hyperscore tools!

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