Portugal Presents–Part 2!

What a party it was last Wednesday for our students composing with Hyperscore! Music teacher Frederico, English teacher Gabriela and fellow teacher Antonio set up a wonderful presentation for N.R. and I.M. as the class composition winners for their 6th grade in Portugal. A number of students attended to help them celebrate receiving their Starbucks gift cards. We enjoyed N.R.’s “Instrument Battles” last week. Now is our chance to hear the second winner, I.M.’s “Horror Circus”!

6th grader I.M. composed “Horror Circus” for her music class in Portugal

Enjoy this wonderful picture of some of our Hyperscore friends in Portugal with their teacher, Frederico. I will be making a playlist of the many compositions submitted with parent permission for our YouTube channel under “Portugal Playlist”. I think we have some happy composers in his classes!!

Composition celebration Wednesday, 4/6/22

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