“Cheered Me Up on Another Rainy Day”

14 year old YS, who was in online student composer in Tri 2 Music Tech, created this fun, happy piece for his composition project. It’s sure to brighten your day!

Many of our Hyperscore student composers don’t think about naming their pieces. Accordingly, I always enjoyed helping my students come up with names based on how they feel or what they think about when they hear their piece. The first time I heard Y.S.’s piece, I thought of happiness. In playing it today, I’m just so grateful for a bit of cheer on yet another rainy April day in Iowa. Because Y.S. was an online student composer in junior high Music Tech 2nd trimester, I can’t ask for approval. However, I hope this “suggested” title does the piece justice. I’m so happy to have this as my background music as I work today!! A+ on all the elements (rhythm, melody, harmony, form) of your project by the way…

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