Hyperscore Composition Guides for Educators

These guides for teaching and composing with Hyperscore, created by New Harmony Line’s Director of Education Cecelia Roudabush, are distilled from her presentation at the 2022 New Jersey Music Educators Association conference.

Compose in Music Class with Hyperscore

In this composition guide, Cece introduces us to teaching and composing in Hyperscore in a classroom setting. She also shares some of the history of Hyperscore’s inception at the MIT Media Lab and its subsequent development. Lastly, she shows off some Hyperscore compositions, including one made by a second grader.

Learning and Teaching Rhythm in Hyperscore

In this next Hyperscore composition guide, Cece delves into the world of composing and teaching rhythm using the application. The core philosophy of “inverting the pedagogy” to let students lead in their own musical learning shines through here, and Cece explains this foundational approach to education. This video guide will be added to the page soon.

Composing Melodies in Hyperscore

Our Director of Education explains how to use melody windows in Hyperscore in this next composition guide. These are the building blocks of composing in Hyperscore. This video guide will be added to the page soon.

An Educator’s Guide to Harmony, Form, Tone Color and Dynamics

Finally, Cece brings it all together by demonstrating the Sketch window in Hyperscore. This is the place where you and your students bring the building blocks together into a completed piece.

What else can Hyperscore offer you?

To close out her presentation, Cece outlines some additional resources and tools available in Hyperscore, and on New Harmony Line’s website and social media. She also highlights our collaboration with MusicFirst to launch a version of Hyperscore specifically geared toward educators and classrooms.

Cece also created an informational handout for her presentation at NJMEA which you can view and download as a pdf here. This file contains lots of helpful condensed tips, links, and principles about Hyperscore – feel free to share it with others too!

New Harmony Line is here to help – if you have any questions or issues, we invite you to consult our other Resources for Educators and our Hyperscore FAQ. You can also always contact us for support if needed, or sign up to attend our monthly Office Hours via our Events calendar to ask questions!

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