Hyperscore FAQ

Note: The information on this page pertains to the web-based application Hyperscore version 5, released in May 2022. If you are looking for information regarding the older Hyperscore version 4.5, please see our Hyperscore 4.5 FAQ page.

Has a new version of Hyperscore been released?

Yes, New Harmony Line, a nonprofit, has re-developed Hyperscore to run as a web-based application that is compatible across multiple platforms. This new version is live and was released in May 2022. We are accepting charitable donations to support this work. For updates, sign up to get our e-newsletter. Or get the new version.

Will Hyperscore run on your devices(s)?

The new Hyperscore 5 is a web-based application, unlike previous versions of Hyperscore. It can be accessed directly from most modern web browsers. We are targeting support specifically for Google Chrome 86+, Mozilla Firefox 78+, Microsoft Edge 87+, and Apple Safari 15.1+. Certain browsers do not provide all web platform capabilities to applications, so the support for individual features in Hyperscore may vary among them. Where possible, Hyperscore will employ alternative methods for unsupported features or let you know that your platform does not support a particular capability.

Devices that can run any of these modern browsers can run Hyperscore. This includes desktop and laptop systems running Windows 7+, macOS 10.14 Mojave or later, and various Linux distributions. Hyperscore also runs on mobile platforms including Chrome OS 86+, Android 11+, and iOS 15.1+. Hyperscore 5 has been designed with touch-input devices in mind. After all, drawing your music with your fingertips is even more fun than drawing with a mouse! It works well on convertible and tablet devices, such as Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface, iPads, and other tablets. Hyperscore 5 can even run on iPhones and Android phones, though the small screen sizes do make it difficult to use. We have plans to adapt the interface to better accommodate the small screens of smartphones in the near future.

Using cloud Hyperscore accounts on iPads and iPhones

Cloud account versions of Hyperscore on desktop Safari and iOS/iPadOS require a change in default System Settings to create or edit cloud scores. For iOS/iPadOS 15 and later, disable “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” in the Safari settings. If these settings are not changed, only publicly shared scores can be viewed. This does not apply to demo or standalone versions of Hyperscore. See our Quick Tip on changing this setting for more. Browsers other than Safari on iOS/iPadOS are not supported at this time.

Similarly, cloud Hyperscore projects may not be editable when in Private Browsing or Incognito mode on other platforms.

Please note that, despite the name of the iOS/iPadOS setting, we do not share your usage data or personal information with any third-party websites or companies. We greatly value your privacy. Disabling this setting on iOS/iPadOS simply allows our authentication system to communicate your logged-in status with the Hyperscore application. We are working on authentication alternatives that are not subject to this recent iOS restriction for a future release.

Does Hyperscore run on Macintosh? Does it work on Linux?

Yes, the new web-based version of Hyperscore does support those operating systems.

Why can’t we hear anything?

  1. Do you have strokes in your Sketch Window that don’t make any sounds? If so, check to make sure that there is a motive whose color corresponds to the stroke, and be sure the motive has at least a note or two in it.
  2. Check your computer’s general audio output. Is your volume up? Are your speakers on?
  3. Is the browser tab muted? Some browsers allow you to mute tabs that play audio. The icon in the tab can be easy to click accidentally.
  4. Try reloading Hyperscore in your browser.

If you still can’t hear any sound, contact support.

Is Hyperscore available for personal use?

Absolutely! More information is available here.

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