Speaking of Unique Genres…

In my last blog I introduced a piece that Vidpat wrote. “Underground Dream” showed that Hyperscore could be used as a tool to write Deep House music. Well, of course, if you are a creative person and you have a powerful tool, you are going to dig in and find out what it can do and shape it to be what you need it to be.

Ralph is doing that! We met Ralph at the Texas Music Educator’s Conference where he was working at a national music booth. He came over 3 times to tell us how much he’d enjoyed using the original version of Hyperscore to write microtonal music. CTO Peter couldn’t comprehend how he could even make Hyperscore do that!

Ralph graduated with a Music Theory degree and his personal interest was not the traditional styles I’m used to. I made sure to listen to his music and some examples of microtonal music and discovered that it aligned with some of the new styles I’m liking on YouTube right now like Lofi and Deep House and Reggaeton. Some of his pieces reminded me of the Arabian and Middle Eastern music I found last week. Aren’t we so lucky to have YouTube to widen our perspectives?

“In the Aftermath of a Catastrophic Event” by Ralph Jarzombek

Looking forward to hearing Ralph’s final Hyperscore piece he is tweaking as we prepare to share it through our blog and social media. From basic children’s music to Deep House to Microtonal, Hyperscore can do it all!

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