Northwest Junior High is composing music with Hyperscore!

Will the 7th grade General Music students write a “Hot Cross Buns” composition or a movie theme like “Star Wars”? Iowa’s Northwest Junior High is our first school to have students writing music this week with our web-based Hyperscore! The teacher introduced the Rhythm module Tuesday and students wrote 1-3 rhythms on Wednesday. I had the thrill of Zooming with two students and the teacher as we practiced saving scores. Our Director of Technology is perfecting the system for saving work to the cloud but the desktop save is working well in the meantime. Yesterday, students completed the Melody module and today they are writing 1 easily recognizable melody and another 1-2 original melodies. Wishing them a great time being creative with Hyperscore!

If you want any information about our web-based Beta Model, please contact me (Director of Education) at:

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