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Two years ago, Tod Machover and June Kinoshita founded New Harmony Line to resurrect Hyperscore, the software which hundreds of school children have used to compose original music that has been woven into Tod’s Toy Symphony and City Symphony pieces and performed around the world. Hyperscore enables anyone to express themselves through original compositions without demanding years of musical training. It’s super fun to use, and more importantly, it helps young people “find their voice” and deepen their appreciation of musical culture—a lifelong gift.

We’re incredibly lucky to have Peter Torpey, Tod’s former PhD student at the Media Lab, join as CTO of New Harmony Line. Peter has redeveloped Hyperscore as a web application. This was a tour de force, and we now have a beta version that is being tested this fall in 24 classrooms across the U.S. and Europe. Our next step is to develop the back-end software so that we can release Hyperscore in the spring of 2022 to the educational market.

To help us fund this critical step, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign. We would love it so much if you would consider supporting it. Your financial backing would be amazing, but just as important is your help in sharing the campaign with your network. Our success depends critically on word of mouth, especially at the start of the campaign. We’d deeply appreciate your help in letting your friends and connections know about it. Encourage them to view the page and share it in turn to anyone they think might be excited by Hyperscore.

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