Hyperscore Tiers FAQ

Are you interested in Hyperscore but don’t know what tier is right for you? You’re on the right page! Read on to find answers to common questions concerning with Hyperscore’s tiered model.

Does the Free version of Hyperscore expire?

No, the Free version of Hyperscore does not expire! You are able to stay at the Free tier as long as you like, and there are no hidden charges or costs. Free really does mean free – we hope this version of Hyperscore will demonstrate what is possible with the app and spark your imagination for open-ended experimentation and improvisation.

If the Free version never expires, why upgrade?

The Free version is great for demonstrating the power of Hyperscore, but it does have limitations. The full potential of what you can do with the app truly opens up in the Basic, Premium, Supreme and Educator version. These benefits include a wide range of instrument sets to change the timbre of your Hyperscore ensemble, different visual themes that bring personal flair to your composition, greater numbers of melody, percussion, and sketch windows to add depth and complexity to your pieces, and more available slots to save scores in your profile. If you are inspired and excited by what you find you can do in Hyperscore after using the Free version, upgrading to the higher tiers will only broaden your compositional horizons further!

I want to use Hyperscore in my classroom but can’t get the funding for the Educator version from my school/organization. What can I do?

One program that is available for educators to acquire funding for Hyperscore for Educators is DonorsChoose, and we have published a toolkit that includes everything you need to know to apply.

You can also use the Free version in your classroom, although it lacks the administrative and coordination features available in the Educator version. We have created a guide for leading DIY workshops and classes using nothing but the Free version of Hyperscore. This is a great tool to use to get started with engaging your students with Hyperscore and experimenting with its potential, even if your budget prohibits the Educator version at the moment. Give it a shot!

What does my money go toward when I subscribe for higher tiers of Hyperscore?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the funds that we raise through Hyperscore subscriptions go directly towards supporting our mission to empower children everywhere to find their unique voice and express themselves through musical composition. Supporting us financially helps to bring the revolutionary educational and expressive tool that is Hyperscore to classrooms and individuals across the globe.

Empower kids to tell their stories through music.

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