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We empower everyone to share their story through music
Hyperscore opens the door for children and youth to claim their voice and unique place in the musical culture of our world. 

This is a transformative, lifelong gift.
Jade's story
By the fifth grade, Jade had decided music was not for her.
The only thing she wanted to play was the games on her phone.
Her music teacher wondered, what if I invited her to compose music for video games?
He showed her Hyperscore. By drawing dots and lines on a computer screen, she could compose original music.
The results were amazing. Her creativity was no longer held back by her command of music notation or ability to perform on an instrument.
She turned in one of the strongest submissions in the class and got to show off a creative talent for music she didn't realize – or believe – she had.
“With music, the barriers seem to rise up too quickly… With Hyperscore, students whose musical voices had been silent began to bloom.” 
– Jade’s teacher, David Casali
Jade’s story inspired us to create the Hyperscore Challenge
An exciting annual event to engage kids in music by inviting them to compose original scores for silent movie classics and video game clips. 
We provide free accounts for Hyperscore and other music composition tools.
Participants only need to provide laptop or notebook computers and wifi.
We remove barriers and open up music composition to all children and youth. 
We provide a global platform to celebrate and share kids’ musical creations.
The Hyperscore Challenge will be piloted by volunteer educators and Make Music Alliance, with more than 100 chapters across the USA. 

The Alliance organizes the annual Make Music Day on June 21, when over 1,000 groups in 120 countries perform live music for free to the public. 

In 2023-2024, New Harmony Line is partnering with Make Music Day to encourage children, youths, and adults everywhere to compose their own music to be performed live on June 21.
Why does the world need this?
Music matters. 3.6 million children in the U.S. lack access to music lessons and are deprived of the opportunity to engage with a vital part of our culture.
Lack of access. In most schools, instrumental performance is emphasized, excluding many kids. 
Lowering barriers. Digital technologies make it possible for everyone to access music tools, inspiring the desire to (re)engage with music.
Benefits to participants
Creativity and expression. Composing enhances the content of video in a direct and personal way.
Relevance. Kids can contribute to the overall impact of the game or film.
Collaboration and teamwork. Participants learn to work with arrangers, instrumentalists, sound designers, producers, etc. 
Potential career path. Kids can build a portfolio of work to support their interest in creative and technological fields.
Ownership of musical culture. Composing leads to deeper connection to all types of music. 
Ripple effects. When kids engage with music, their academics and graduation rates improve.
Can you help us?
Your tax-deductible donation enables us to transform the lives of countless young people.

We are driven by a passion to knock down the barriers that deprive millions of children and youths of an education that is enriched by music, where their unique stories and voice are valued and lifted up. 

This is about education that has meaning and purpose.

Empower kids to tell their stories through music.

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