The case for support

We want to empower everyone to share their story. 
Story-telling really matters
It defines our identity
It’s how we connect with others
It’s how we create empathy
Imagine a world in which every child can find their voice.
Nothing else unlocksa child’s musical creativitythe way Hyperscore does.
Hyperscore was developed by the world’s foremost experts on musical creativity at the MIT Media Lab.

Its simple, intuitive interface knocks down barriers to musical expression.
What makes Hyperscore 
so compelling?
It’s fun and rewarding.

With its intuitive, graphic interface, anyone can start creating music immediately.

You can quickly focus on what matters: how to tell a story and move your audience.
We get cities singing. 
Children and ordinary citizens have created music that has been performed by their communities’ leading artists through Tod Machover’s City Symphonies.

Hyperscore has empowered children to share their visions through original compositions…

…enabling performing musicians—from rock and jazz bands to elite symphony orchestras—to channel the voices of their communities.
Hyperscore's impact in classrooms.
We put creativity first and allow teachers to pull musical learnings out of children’s authentic and original expressions. 

Hyperscore empowers educators to accelerate their students’ mastery of music. They not only can make up for instruction time lost to the pandemic, but they can surpass prior goals.
“The expressions on the children’s faces were so of the most important things we have ever done….” 
–Maestro Kent Nagano 

We need your support to:
Develop K-12 curriculums tailored to Hyperscore’s unique capabilities.
Establish Hyperscore as a transformative technology for music educators.
Empower children to have a voice in their communities through music.
Imagine. Unleash Creativity.

Empower kids to tell their stories through music.

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