Here are some answers to some common Hyperscore issues that some users may encounter. If you are experiencing an issue not listed here or would like more assistance, please contact us. We’re here to help you get the most out of Hyperscore.

I’m a teacher and a colleague from my school purchased a Hyperscore Classroom license, but I accidentally signed up for a Free trial.

That’s okay! When your colleague adds you as an educator to the school license, you’ll receive an e-mail invitation. Click on the link in the e-mail. If your colleague used the same e-mail address for you, then you should be all set. If needed, log in as normal. If you see a “Groups” tab on the left-hand navigation, then you have access to the educator features.

Quick Tip: Educator Accounts

I purchased a Hyperscore Classroom license, but it asked me to sign up for a Free plan.

If you have purchased a Hyperscore Classroom license, then you can select the Free plan for personal use and still have access to the organization administrator and educator features. As an organization administrator, you’ll see the “Educators” and “Groups” tabs on the left-hand navigation when you log in to your account. When creating scores in a regular profile, you’ll only have access to the Hyperscore features available in your personal plan. However, creating scores in a Group profile will give you access to the full range of Hyperscore features included with the education license.

Quick Tip: Administering Organizations

Hyperscore is not working on my iPad.

Using Hyperscore accounts on an iPad, iPhone, or the Safari browser on a desktop computer requires a change in Safari settings in order to be able to create new scores or edit existing scores. Additionally, on an iPad or iPhone, only the Safari browser is supported. Learn more about this issue here or from the Quick Tip: Safari Settings.

I have the demo or trial version of Hyperscore, but it doesn’t save my work.

For demo and standalone versions of Hyperscore, if your browser’s site storage is cleared manually or automatically, you will lose any scores contained in safes within Hyperscore. Some browsers may be configured to erase site storage automatically at regular intervals or when the browser is closed. Disable those settings for your browser to retain the safe contents. You can also use the Save and Export > Save Score… button to save your work to a file that can be opened later. Note that saving and opening files is not supported on some mobile devices.

Quick Tip: Saving Scores

When using a Hyperscore account, scores will be saved to the cloud when you tap the “My Scores” button to exit Hyperscore and return to the My Scores listing.

Quick Tip: Managing Scores

I tried to edit the score template my teacher assigned, but I can’t submit it to my class.

There is currently an issue with remixing scores contained in Groups. When remixing a score within a Group, the remixed version is moved to the user’s default profile. This issue will be resolved soon.

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