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Northwest Junior High completes the Beta testing!

Iowa’s Northwest Junior High General Music students have turned in their final compositions as our first Beta testers! I’m excited to see the final feedback from the students when they take the Exit Survey. I hope it’s great news! Current composers include Iowa’s North Central Junior High and Kirkwood Elementary. Student’s at Allen Elementary school in Kansas say they “don’t want the class period to end”! Sycamore Canyon Elementary in California turned in the interest survey. Composing time is next!

Is your school starting their Beta test? Let me know that you are ready to go. I will be here to support you in any way I can during the process!

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Get ready…set…WRITE MUSIC!

Want to learn how to present Hyperscore to your students? We’ve done all the work for you! I have posted the video trainings on YouTube First, I present each Element of Music. At the end of each video, the students/clients learn how Hyperscore allows them to use the Elements. They will write a Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony, choose Dynamics and Tone Color and create Form. In other words, WRITE MUSIC!

You can use your own favorite way to present the Elements, or email me for a copy of the modules. All modules were designed for junior high or high-school non-musicians, but, you can personalize the videos for the age and abilities of your students/clients. You can also change the definitions to fit your facility or school’s user-friendly music vocabulary. Contact me with any questions or to get your free copy of the modules:

Our July 23, 2021 training edited for time and split into sections