Is Hyperscore for Personal Use?

Yes. Tens of thousands of children and adults with no musical background have picked up Hyperscore and composed wonderful, original pieces of music in a matter of days.

Can it be that easy?

Hyperscore gets kids with no musical background composing their own music in minutes. Listen to this song composed by a 10 year old child in a week using Hyperscore. This child had no musical background whatsoever prior to getting Hyperscore. In fact, this song went on to be played by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin with maestro Kent Nagano conducting.

And Hyperscore’s not just for kids.

Here’s a sample made by a college student with limited musical background. This song came in second in a college-wide competition judged by Edge (U2’s guitarist).

And don’t think it doesn’t work for adults too. Heck, even Harmony Line’s previous CEO can write music using Hyperscore.

The secret is in the software. Hyperscore was developed by the world’s leading music educators. They’d seen it done wrong for too long and set out to do it right. Hyperscore uses a graphical paradigm that provides users with immediate visual and audio feedback. Hyperscore uses a sketching paradigm so you can literally throw ideas onto the canvas, listen, and adjust. Hyperscore’s graphical objects look the way they sound. So you can skip the theory and get right to the practice.

Hyperscore makes a great gift for a son, daughter, nephew, niece, or grandchild. But kids – don’t forget to buy a copy for mom and dad, because they’ll be hogging your computer, composing music.

Purchase Hyperscore.

Empower kids to tell their stories through music.

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