National Core Arts Standards Lessons with Hyperscore

The principles of the National Core Arts Standards inform these lesson plans. They show Hyperscore’s great strength as an educational tool for students of all ages.

Hyperscore for kindergarteners!

New Harmony Line’s Director of Education, Cecelia Roudabush, designed this lesson plan for kindergarteners. Introduce students to rhythm through Lummi sticks, clapping hands, and Hyperscore’s rhythm windows!

More to come!

Stay tuned! We will continue to update this page as we develop more National Core Arts Standards lesson plans that use Hyperscore with different age groups.

New Harmony Line is here to help – if you have any questions or issues, we invite you to consult our other Resources for Educators and our Hyperscore FAQ. You can also always contact us for support if needed, or sign up to attend our monthly Office Hours via our Events calendar to ask questions!

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