DonorsChoose Toolkit

If you would like to use Hyperscore in your classroom but don’t have funds in your school’s arts budget for a classroom or school subscription, one option is to raise it through a crowd-funding platform like DonorsChoose. Founded in 2000 by a Bronx high school teacher, DonorsChoose has raised more than $300 million and funded over 2 million classroom project requests.

It’s fairly straightforward to sign up and put together a pitch for your donors. Note that you have to have successfully raised funds previously through DonorsChoose before you can make a Special Request purchase, which is what Hyperscore would be. But don’t worry! It’s not hard to find items you need anyway for your classroom through DonorsChoose’s registered vendors and earn the points you need to qualify to make a Special Request.

We’ve put together a “toolkit” for you to make the process as simple as possible. Our DonorsChoose toolkit includes:

  1. A slide deck showing an example of a pitch and explaining how, once you raise your funds, you can make the purchase. (Note that Hyperscore is a Digital Resource so you would need to follow the process for getting reimbursed.)
  2. A Word document with examples of language you can use to craft your Hyperscore pitch.
  3. The DonorsChoose link where you can sign up.

That’s it! Good luck, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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