Hyperscore for the holidays

Give the gift of musical expression this holiday season by giving Hyperscore. The software is suitable for anyone between the ages of 5 and 105. Hyperscore’s innovative graphical annotation system puts music composing powers into the hands of anyone who can manipulate a mouse.

Here’s how to purchase Hyperscore as a gift:

  1. Purchase Hyperscore online.(Available for a limited time at the discounted price of $39! Just subscribe to this blog* and you will receive a discount code. Please enter this code when making your purchase.)
  2. You will received a link and purchase ID to download the software.
  3. Email the download link and purchase ID to your gift recipient!

Click here for minimum system requirements and FAQs

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4 replies on “Hyperscore for the holidays”

Really, really sad about the lack of a Mac version. Maybe I will eventually make arrangements to run Windows on my computer, but in the meantime… Super bummed. I’m kind of surprised, also; I’m a professional musician, and almost all of my colleagues use Macs. A lot of creatively inclined people do. Is there a reason Mac compatibility isn’t even a planned future release?

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